Friday, 15 July 2016

Kickass Ways to Show off Your Designer Sports Bras with Charm and Confidence

With the latest fashion trends making an entry into the global fashion scene today, it has become impossible to always keep your bra under wraps. The boring nude colored bra straps always tend to peep out through the stunning outfit you are wearing and spoil the whole attire disastrously. Thus, to avoid this, it is time to bank on to the designer sports bras which not only offer better comfort and support, but also you get to embrace the colorful bras whole heartedly, as showing them off has become the newest style quotient, popularized by the celebs.
Designer Sports Bras with Charm

Here are few ways to slip into the vibrant sports bras for different occasions.

A colorful bra under-a-sheer dress
Sheer tops are downright sexy and hence you need not cover your bra while wearing them. The better option would be to choose a bright colored peppy bra, and team this with your sheer and transparent top or dress, which will complement the whole outfit for a very hot and sensuous appeal.

The style of bra and dress can be matchy -matchy
Make sure to complement the dress silhouette with the cut of your sports bra. The sporty chic appeal is definitely need with a funky sports bra, whereas for the chic dresses, go for the thin strapped a little feminine sports bras.

Try out the convertible bras
If you are wearing a top which is too revealing, and definitely the nude strapped bra won't go, and then opt for the sports bra with convertible straps, which would help you to add some finesse to the attire by matching the bra straps to the color of the outfit.

Necklines must be in tune
Go for the sports bras whose neckline would match up with the neckline of the dress or top you are wearing , as this will embellish the whole ensemble double the meter.

Add poise to a simple bandeau top
Let the chic and simple bandeau op get some poise and support through a contrasting colored bra , as the straps peep out for a very uber-cool demeanor.

A super strappy top for a funky feel
Add some funk to your strappy top with s super strappy sports bra, and be the ultimate trendsetter. Make this your outfit for the pool parties and beach outings.

Add charm to a simple dress
For a simple one colored plain dress, add some charm with a designer sports bra. Wear a similar color on=r contrasting colored sports bra from above and deliver a very unique and out of the box style definition.